Multi-use art, event and retail studio.


We provide a space for DC-based creators, artists, and residents to learn, create, and convene.

The Cheshire is an art gallery and events venue geared toward supporting DC’s creative community. Dedicated to creative community-driven programming and providing studio space available for lease to artists, content creators, and creative entrepreneurs, The Cheshire advances its mission as an accessible, creative environment with evolving experiential opportunities.


Established in 2018, The Cheshire is an art gallery and events venue geared toward supporting DC’s creative community. We provide a space for local artists, creators, and residents to learn, convene, create, and collaborate.

Our event space supports a variety of functions, including exhibits, filming and photo shoots, multimedia performances, pop-up business sales, community activities, virtual streaming services, and more.

The Cheshire has been home to local multi-media artists, creative entrepreneurs & production studios, including Gateway504, Tribute, wxxds.x, Roxana Geffen, Overachievers, Barrio.Editnôs/nös, DJ Bo, and LookOutProductions.


The Cheshire supports the mission of AdMo Arts, 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting independent & local artists, bridging communities, and supporting AdMo's vision as the go-to community for the arts in DC.

Committed to ensuring a safe space for all people, The Cheshire promotes artists who also respect the autonomy, safety, and well-being of others. Furthermore, we encourage dialogue that can help
us to guarantee this commitment.


01/15/21: The Cheshire has moved out of its current space and will be exploring alternative locations around DC. We'd like to thank every person who has visited the space, allowed us to showcase their art in the space, and helped make The Cheshire what is!

12/05/20: The Cheshire art gallery showcases local artists and creators, with new pieces by different artists featured each month. Please visit our instagram for gallery days and times, as well as the artists we are promoting. Contact us if you’re interested in having your work displayed in our gallery.

11/25/20: Due to updated restrictions imposed by the mayor's office on 11/24 concerning the number of individuals allowed in in-door spaces, any activity and events that exceed ten people have been temporarily postponed. Face masks are required upon entry and must be worn at all times when inside the space.

The Space

Room 1
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614 sqft


Room 2

518 sqft

229 sqft



Room 3



233 sqft

Room 4




822 sqft

Room 5


Main space
Mon-Thu $250/day
Fri-Sat $500/day
2500 sqft


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