Art & Activism: Opening Reception

With the Impeachment trial underway, Martin Luther King Day, the Women's March, border detentions, Black Lives Matter, climate change protests, potential conflict with Iran, and changes in our communities, artists have been drawn to the front lines to help shape public movements - giving visual language to collective, abstract challenges. Likewise, artists are employing both traditional and new strategies in technology and interventions to challenge the status quo. Arts & Activism will showcase the works and artists who are inspiring hope, shaping the visual art of social change and taking action.

16 Artists. 2 Nights. Art & Activism is a showcase of art and installation works that are challenging and inspiring political movements and social change today. Featuring work by Rose Jaffe, Stephanie Mercedes, Monica Jahan Bose, Xena Ni, Cesar Maxit, Absurdly Well, Dana Ellyn, Matt Sesow, D3w, Armando Gallardo, Paris Preston, Monica Curca, Katty Huertas, Oliver Contreras, Monica and TJ Buonomo.  

Artists participating in the show have shown work in Venice, Miami, New York, the Kennedy Center, with coverage in The Washington Post, Washingtonian, CityLab, and The Guardian.