Glacial Momentum: Launch Party

Ice has captivated the human imagination for centuries – inspiring mythology, the world’s most adventurous journeys, and awe of the mythical, stark landscapes. Today global warming is causing glaciers to melt rapidly, and threatening both humans and the biodiversity that rely on cold climates for habitat. This installation features newly released NASA Operation IceBridge footage, polar expedition photography providing rare views of immersive global icescapes. Join us at The Cheshire for visualizations and sound art that transport you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet with featured discussions with artists and scientists. While the challenge of slowing climate change is difficult, this installation will celebrate natural beauty and offer guidance for how we can help to protect the world’s coldest environments. Images shared at the event are thanks to NASA lasers, radars, a gravimeter, and Canon 5D cameras.

Photography by Adeline Heymann
Glacier experience by Jefferson Beck