Prana Visualized Yoga

ᖘяѧṅѧ ṿɨṡȗѧʟɨẓєԀ - "The physical representation of energy breathed into life by light."

An immersive, relaxing Prana Yoga session hosted by NEWP Visuals, Hon Jao Violin, and DC yoga teacher Jess GeeOh in collaboration with PAKKE at The Cheshire.

In this class, we will visually and aurally interpret our energy through movement in the form of 3D mapped light projection accompanied by ethereal live violin. Equipped with powerful state of the art technology, your movements in this yoga class will be mirrored by moving visual fractals and silhouettes projected onto the wall.

Please bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and anything else you may need.
Note: The floor is hard concrete, please bring a thick mat or extra padding if you need it. If you are sensitive to strobing light experiences or sudden color changes, we would exercise caution in attending this event.


NEWP Visuals has a passion for creating unique visual experiences tailored to enthrall attendees with captivating reflections of energy translated to light from music and movement. Prana Visualized utilizes modern laser camera technology and state of the art projection mapping techniques to convert kinetic and sound energy into fractals and light. Musical progressions harmonized by color will set the mood for a completely relaxing and rejuvenating experience.


Jon Hao (aka Hon Jao Violin) is a Maryland and D.C. based violinist that explores a multidisciplinary approach to music. His aim is to weave together new emotional stories through improvisational music created live on stage, in the moment.

An integrated part of the yoga, dance, and meditation community, Jon also involves himself with sound healing/meditation workshops, performing frequently at yoga and conscious dance events. He seeks to leave a lasting impact through his music that helps uplift people, and create a positive atmosphere in their lives.

Jess finds solace through the expression of music and movement, and finds joy in holding space for others to express themselves.  She works full-time as a yoga and meditation instructor, and strives to make every student feel supported to foster their intentions for practicing yoga. Through movement, concentration, and expanded awareness, students will leave class feeling centered, cleared, and restored; if not physically and mentally challenged as well. Jess's passion projects include combining her DJ sets with live saxophone, and working with DJs, musicians, and visual artists to create immersive yoga and movement experiences.